Yolanda the Crimson Bride, Bane of Clan Brighthammer

+2 to fighting and damage, gain hindrance: bloodthirsty (major), overconfident (major)

weapon (melee)

Ancestral axe of Clan Brighthammer, once wielded by the grandfather of Nowry Brighthammer. He felled the beast, but was crushed under its bulk, never to rise again.

500 IR
Nowry discovered its keen edge and supreme balance when battling orcs in the Freelands. Over several months of carnage and adventure he became more feral, bloodthirsty and sure of his supremity over all foes. Felling ogres and giants with single blows, his fame and fortune grew, as his humanity waned. When finally the fierce berserker stormed into an orc infested temple to find his ultimate foe: a hellfrost dragon, he was riddled with bolts, covered in the blood of Dargar’s chosen. There he faced Nazbag the Winter Devil, an orc Hrimwizard of great power. Hurling a throwing axe into its back, Nowry was in turn blasted with a freezing onslaught that he shrugged off. Alas, he was too late to retaliate, as the orc sent great lances of ice into his chest, that pierced his plate and lungs. As he lay dying, his companions reached the site, vanquished the orc and the dragon that came to feast on Nowry’s dying body, but they were too late to save him. Thus Yolanda claimed another of Clan Brighthammer and became a weapon of ill repute amongst the dwarves. A blessing and a curse. Its future is unclear, but most likely it will return to Karad Zor with Helga, Nowry’s rune mage sidekick and admirer.


Yolanda the Crimson Bride, Bane of Clan Brighthammer

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